I highly recommend Ankhana’s guidance it’s heart opening, heart warming and absolutely created a shift in my life. Enough for me to reach an altered perspective in a big life choice and I feel I reached a more comfortable place of peace because of it!


I was also able to release some old uncomfortable beliefs setting me free from discomfort in a close relationship!


Oh I could go on, highly rate Ankhana and her wonderful work! Huge role assisting in raising the vibration of us complex beings!


Ankhana listens well, there’s room for a laugh, and she’s professional. She combines spirituality with practical common sense.


Through her therapeutical background she knows what she’s talking about and it’s not getting too floaty, which I was a little scared of at first.


It definitely helped me. That’s why I can wholeheartedly recommend Ankhana to anyone who’s looking for a pleasant interlocuter with specia-l spiritual gifts.


I found my work with Ankhana to be incredibly useful. In one video session, Ankhana helped move me closer to my life’s purpose.


She asks good, clarifying questions that got me to consider what a life without boundaries might look like and start taking steps towards that beautiful, shimmery life.


She helped me uncover my fears so I can rise above them. From this space, I am better able to live a life grounded in my own truth.


As a person, I found Ankhana to be a woman with a generous spirit, a commitment to living her ideals, a creative, passionate soul and a warm heart. I highly recommend her.


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